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Ornamental shrubs add to the visual aesthetics of your Lexington home, so you will want to do as much as you can to make sure they are always looking their best. NPK Lawn Care, LLC specializes in shrub fertilization as well as pest control so that your ornamental shrubs will look healthy and last you for years to come. Allow us to put our green magic touch to use on your shrubs.

Shrub Fertilization and Insect Control

Flower bed pre-emergent helps prevent germination of seeds in flower bed preventing certain weed types throughout the year.

Palm Tree Fertilization and Insect Control

Palms are very susceptible to nutrient deficiencies of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Symptoms include yellowing, streaking or even spotting of the fronds. Palm fertilization is important as they benefit from a steady supply of nutrients that’s added during the growing season (March through October). They may fail to thrive without a regular, balanced fertilization program. Mature palms should optimally receive a granular fertilizer known as “palm special” as it’s formulated specifically for them.

Common insects that affect palms include:

  • spider mites
  • palm leaf skeletonizers
  • and scale insects

Strategically timed insecticide applications will help prevent scale and other unsightly problems that can be caused by nuisance insects.

Proper Fertilization

While you might think that any kind of fertilization is good for your ornamental shrubs, the truth is that you'll want to base fertilization on the type of shrubs that you have. Specific shrubs have specific needs, and not properly catering to those needs can do more harm than good.

NPK lawn technicians are familiar with the different types of ornamental shrubs there are in the Lexington SC area, which means that we not only know which fertilizers your shrubs need, we also know how much they need and when they need them based on the local climate. Rather than play the guessing game and risk damaging your plants, allow us to remove doubt from the equation.

Shrub Off Bothersome Pests

Certain types of shrubs are also susceptible to different types of pests as well as diseases. Pests and diseases can not only diminish the appearance of your ornamental shrubs, both of them can also rob your shrubs of years of life. With our help, you can count on your shrubs growing strong and proud for several years ahead.

Specific shrub pests that we control include:

  • • Aphids
  • • Japanese beetles
  • • Scale
  • • Whiteflies

Since we are a locally owned and operated lawn service, we know exactly when we should start treating your shrubs for these pests so that we can take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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If you would like a free consultation or if you would like to know more about our ornamental shrub care services, give NPK Lawn Care, LLC a call today at 803-360-0605.

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