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Your lawn needs and deserves a little TGC, Tender Green Care, every now and then in the form of fertilization. Just like your body needs vitamins in order to function at its best, so does your lawn. NPK Lawn Care, LLC is here to offer the Lexington SC area professional and experienced lawn treatment services such as fertilization and weed control.

Lawn Treatments Provided

  • Pre-emergent for lawns helps prevent germination of seeds in lawn and flower bed preventing certain weed types.
  • Post emergent application uses specialized herbicides to target weeds in the lawn.
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Spring Micro Boost is used on lawns to improve soil conditions by allowing better drainage and also providing micro nutrients to the lawn.
  • Fungus treatments are available for lawns and shrubs. Fungus can develop due to inadequate or over watering of the lawn, high humidity, dew, compact soil conditions, or mowing the lawn to low.

Fertile Ground

The fertilizers that are utilized by the reputable lawn professionals at NPK Lawn Care, LLC are designed to promote plant growth and give your lawn the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. There are three compounds in particular that you'll want to pay close attention to when fertilizing your lawn:

  • Nitrogen (N) –vital for proper leaf growth
  • Phosphorus (P) – important for root growth
  • Potassium (K) – instrumental for helping your lawn create food

In order to make sure that your Lexington lawn always gets the proper amount of fertilizer, we take soil samples from your yard and send them out for a thorough analysis. If you have flowers or plants growing in your yard, you will most definitely want to pay close attention to the type of fertilizers that are going into your yard.

Wrangle Your Weeds

Nothing can ruin the look of your yard faster than rampant weeds. NPK offers weed control to help make sure that not a blade of grass is out of place on your lawn. Our pre-emergent treatments are designed to take care of weeds before they have a chance to grow in your lawn.

If there are already pesky weeds in your yard, we offer post emergent treatments that are designed to get rid of weeds without causing harm to your grass. Not only does your yard look better without the presence of weeds, it will also be healthier.

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If your lawn is in need of proper fertilization or if it is prone to weak growth, give NPK Lawn Care, LLC a call today at 803-360-0605. We look forward to taking great care of you and your lawn.

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