Lawn Pest Control in Lexington SC

As you are tending to your lawn, don't forget to take care of any pests that can potentially compromise the health and appearance of your grass. NPK Lawn Care, LLC offers lawn pests control in Lexington, Irmo and Columbia that is specifically targeted to take care of pests that are prevalent in the community so that we do not waste our time or yours spraying for pests that are not found in the area. If you want your yard to look its absolute best year-round, then turn to the lawn care enthusiasts at NPK Lawn Care.

Complete Pest Control

We specialize in mosquito control in Lexington SC so that you can enjoy being outside in your yard during the summer months without having to stock up on bug spray. If you have noticed fire ants in your yard, you will be pleased to know that we offer fire ant control.

Specific lawn pests that we take care of include:

  • • Grubs
  • • Fire ants
  • • Army worms
  • • Mole crickets
  • • Spittlebugs
  • • Chinch bugs

The Way We Work

Not only is it important to spray for pests that are prevalent in the Lexington SC area, it is also important to spray for them at the correct time in order that you can prevent them from populating your lawn in the first place. With our quality mosquito control, we will spray a pesticide every 21 days during the spring, summer and fall months. The pricing for spraying will be determined by the overall size of the area being treated.

Something else to think about with pests is that there is always a chance that they could find their way inside of your home and even jeopardize your health. With proper pest control, you and your family can have an effective first line of defense against harmful and bothersome pests.

Take Care of Your Pest Problem Before You Have One

Prevention is always better than having to develop a solution, and that is especially true when it comes to pests. Give NPK Lawn Care, LLC a call today at 803-360-0605 for more information or for a free consultation.

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